NovoSys X® /// The interchangeable bit milling system by WOLF

NovoSys X®

Standardly or individually designed cutter heads

  • With the innovative system a multi-functional system is available for the most versatile applications
  • Standard or individual designed cutter head
  • Shanks in standard length or in special lengths with different diameter
  • Very interesting, because the shank remains in the chuck and only the head is changed
  • That simple changing system, makes it suitably for multi spindle turning operations. Really economical due to preservation of shank


Applications in which extended tools are necessary are a perfect case of operation for that system, i.e. engine housings, car dashboards, forging die tools and so on. Also for multi spindle turning machines and automats this system is suitable very well, because only the head has to be changed.

NovoSys X®

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