High Performance Drills /// For applications in mold and tool construction

High Performance Drills

Standard tool building – Our catalog of tools on the highest standard

With the WOLF standard drill program a high quality program is available, which covers a large part of the applications in mold and tool construction.

The WOLF standard drill program is ideally suited for typical applications

  • Core holes for thread
  • Through holes
  • Part machining with holes


  • SC Drill for efficient and economic High Performance drilling in stainless steel and super alloys, and also standard material
  • Carbide grade ultra fine, facet point, point angle 140°, diameter tolerance m7, Shank Type DIN 6535 HA, spiral thru tool coolant


  • The Facet Point in combination with appropriate gashing and special flute geometry, causes small chips and perfect chip evacuation
  • The special Carbide Grade owns enough toughness to minimize damages at cutting edges
  • Highest performance due to through tool coolant and polished AlTiN Coating
  • AlTiN Coating minimizes built-up edge and increases wear resistance
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