Graphite End Mills /// Diamond-coated precision mills

Graphite End Mills

Highest precision in a HSC process of graphit material

In the application of the EDM processes graphite electrodes have a lot of advantages and are more and more becoming standard. Important for quality of those machined graphite tools is the precision which can be achieved by machining in a HSC process of graphite material.
Optimum results can be achieved only, if the graphite cutter, in its performance of machining, perfectly suits the possibilities of most modern CNC machining centres. In addition to the highest requirement of accuracy the performance of tools defines their economic efficiency itself. With the development of this graphite milling program WOLF is setting new standards.
Innovative tool design, as well as the multilayer diamond coating of the newest generation, ensure the production process and allow machines to operate with highest feed rates and maximum life times within highest precision.

One system – two versions

High Precision Line
Highest precision – our standard

  • Highest precision and economic efficiency for high end applications
  • Most modern Multilayer-diamond PVD coating
  • Run out: 3 µ m
  • Shape accuracy: 10 µ m
  • Diameter tolerance: 10 µ m

Our version for professionals

  • Ideal for standard applications with high precision in maximum standing time
  • Most modern multilayer diamond PVD coating
  • Run out: 8 µ m
  • Shape accuracy:15 µ m
  • Diameter tolerance: 15 µ m
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